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  • Wyoming Truth

    THE SEARCH FOR IRENE: Missing Kenyan’s Whereabouts Remain a Mystery

    In the deepening mystery of the disappearance of Irene Gakwa, new information has emerged indicating that the Kenyan who lived in Gillette may have recently moved to San Antonio, Texas, according to a search of public records by the Wyoming Truth...

    • County 17

      Irene Gakwa

      All County 17 articles on missing person Irene Gakwa...

      • Wyoming Truth

        THE SEARCH FOR IRENE: Fiancé of Missing Kenyan Granted Second Continuance in Irene Gakwa Case
        • NBC News

          Family still searching for answers five months after mysterious Wyoming disappearance of Irene Gakwa
          • CNN

            The search for a missing woman in Wyoming partly revolves around a mysterious 55-gallon drum
            • Headline News

              Correspondent Adrienne Broaddus reports investigators in Wyoming are asking for your help in finding Irene Gakwa.
              • CTV News

                She moved to the US with big dreams and met a boyfriend on Craigslist. Then she vanished
                • And Then They Were Gone

                  Irene Gakwa
                  • THE WYOMING TRUTH

                    THE SEARCH FOR IRENE: Gillette Group Ramps up Efforts to Find Missing Kenyan as Her 33rd Birthday Passes With No Answers
                    • UNSOLVED WYOMING

                      Irene Gakwa Update
                      • ARCTIC FOX TRUE CRIME

                        Irene Gakwa Disappeared Under Suspicious Circumstances!!! Have You Seen Her?? #irenegakwa #missing

                        The Gillette Wyoming Police Department is asking for your assistance in the investigation into the Disappearance of 32 year old Irene Gakwa. Irene was last seen on a video call with her parents on 2/24/22, However she was not reported missing until almost a month later on 3/20/22...

                        • GILLETTE NEWS RECORD

                          Fiancé of missing woman arrested for allegedly stealing from her

                          The investigation into the disappearance of Irene Gakwa took a turn this week when police arrested her fiancé, Nathan Jason Hightman, for five felony charges related to money he was accused of stealing from Gakwa’s credit card and bank account...

                          • CITY OF GILLETTE

                            Update: Missing Person Irene Gakwa
                            • COUNTY 17 NEWS

                              Gillette man accused of stealing thousands of dollars from missing woman

                              By Ryan Lewallen | County 17 News -May 12, 2022 

                              Funds taken in a series of thefts shortly after family’s last contact with Irene Gakwa

                              GILLETTE, Wyo.— A missing Gillette woman’s fiancé has been charged with multiple felonies for reportedly using her credit cards and other information several times since her disappearance...

                              • CITY OF GILLETTE

                                PRESS RELEASE: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
                                Missing Person Investigation Update & Request for Assistance
                                GILLETTE, Wyoming- The Gillette Police Department’s investigation into the disappearance of 32-year old Irene Gakwa continues. Information obtained through investigation suggests Irene went missing under suspicious circumstances. Irene was last seen in a video call with her parents on February 24, 2022. Irene was reported missing to the Gillette Police Department (GPD) on March 20, 2022 by her brother...
                                • COUNTY 17 NEWS

                                  Person of interest identified in ‘suspicious’ missing woman case

                                  GILLETTE, Wyo.— A Gillette woman who has not been heard from since February is believed to have disappeared under suspicious circumstances, the Gillette Police Department (GPD) said on Thursday.

                                  The investigation into the now suspicious disappearance of 32-year-old Irene Gakwa is well underway; detectives have executed 24 search warrants and interviewed multiple family members and friends in their attempts to locate her, GPD said in an April 14 statement...

                                  • CNN

                                    The family of a woman who vanished a year ago in Wyoming turns to the governor for help
                                    • CNN

                                      The family of a woman who vanished 8 months ago in Wyoming is frustrated by a new delay
                                      • KTVB

                                        Irene was reported missing in late March from Gillette, Wyoming, where she lived with her boyfriend. Her brother Christopher Gakwa said he just wants her home.
                                        • ABC

                                          Family seeks answers in 7-month search for woman who went missing in Wyoming
                                          • People

                                            Nursing Student Irene Gakwa Disappears Mysteriously in Wyoming: 'This Is Unbearable,' Says Dad

                                            Francis Gakwa always doted on his daughter Irene, the youngest of his three children. "We were always very close," Francis, 64, tells PEOPLE from Nairobi, Kenya, about the 33-year-old nursing student he called "my Irene."...

                                            • Citizen Digital

                                              Irene Gakwa's Father Speaks On His Daughter's Disappearance After Meeting A Man Online.
                                              • CNN

                                                She moved to the US with big dreams and met a boyfriend on Craigslist. Then she vanished
                                                • THE WYOMING TRUTH

                                                  THE SEARCH FOR IRENE: Community Joins Together for Fourth Search to Find Missing Gillette Resident
                                                  • SUBLETTE EXAMINER

                                                    Gillette group helps out-of-state family in search for missing woman
                                                    • UNSOLVED WYOMING

                                                      Missing: Irene Gakwa
                                                      • WYOMING TRUTH

                                                        Strangers Join Family to Search for Missing Kenyan in Gillette
                                                        • GILLETTE NEWS RECORD

                                                          Fiancé of missing woman bound over on theft-related charges

                                                          The man accused of stealing from his missing fiancée’s bank account and using her credit cards without permission has been bound over to District Court on five felony charges.

                                                          Circuit Court Judge Lynda Bush, who was recently appointed by Gov. Mark Gordon, found probable cause for Nathan Jason Hightman to be bound over on two counts of theft, two counts of crimes against intellectual property and unlawful use of a credit card...

                                                          • COWBOY STATE DAILY

                                                            Fiancé Of Missing Gillette Woman Pleads Not Guilty To Felonies Related To Crimes Against Her
                                                            • COWBOY STATE DAILY

                                                              Boyfriend of Missing Gillette Woman Charged with Multiple Felonies

                                                              By Jennifer Kocher, Cowboy State Daily

                                                              The boyfriend of a missing Gillette woman who has been identified as a “person of interest” in her disappearance has been charged with multiple counts of theft, accused of stealing items from her...

                                                              • KENYA NATION

                                                                Boyfriend arrested as Kenyan woman goes missing in U.S.

                                                                A Kenyan family living in the United States is searching for their relative who went missing in February.

                                                                Ms Irene Gakwa disappeared from Gillette in the state of Wyoming and the family suspects that her boyfriend Nathan Hightman, 38, had something to do with it...

                                                                • MWAKILISHI

                                                                  American Boyfriend of Missing Kenyan-Born Woman Arrested in Gillette, Wyoming

                                                                  An American man linked to the mysterious disappearance of his Kenyan-born girlfriend was last week arrested in Gillette, Wyoming.

                                                                  Nathan Hightman, 38, is considered a “person of interest” in the disappearance of 32-year-old Irene Gakwa, who was reported missing on March 20th this year.

                                                                  As reported by Oil City News, Hightman was arrested by officers from the Gillette Police Department on May 11th for multiple felonies, one for unlawfully using Gakwa’s credit card and two for crimes against her intellectual property since her disappearance...